Wired Control

Wired Audio Control has been operating internationally since 1986.
Continuously proud of our precision, persistence, creativity,  care and enthusiasm.
Beginnings saw WIRED collaborating with a variety of UK colleges, universities & production companies ranging from degree student projects to 60 day feature film shoots to owning recording studios.
Time has seen WIRED direct OB and TV studio audio, control bands of varying size and skill, design, install, and operate world class stadium held events, design, develop and present education curriculum, consistently doing so with precision, persistence, creativity, care and enthusiasm.
Always listening, one of WIREDs greatest strengths is the ability to continually adapt to the needs of the environment, always ending processes with the belief that communication, in the largest sense, is the root of our support.
We are accurate and effective in our process and execution.
We hope to work with you.