Previous Projects

Australian Rugby Football Union
Chinese International School, Hong Kong
Coca Cola, HK
Church of All Nations, HK
DD Productions, UK
Gaylord, HK
Glass Jar Theatre Company, HK
Great Big Events
Harilela group
Head Shots, HK
Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra
Hong Kong Government, Leisure Services and Culture department
Hong Kong International School
Hong Kong Rugby Football Union
Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 

Island Dance
International School Theatre Association
KCL Cosmetics, HK
Lingwood Productions
Mainline services, UK
Momentum, HK
Monte Kiara International School, Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia
New Zealand Rugby Football Union
Paraboli Productions, UK
Peter Kline Associates
Skip Moy Productions, HK
South Island School, HK
Starlit Voice, HK
Star TV
St Anne’s Church, HK 
The Firm, HK
Tony & Guy Salon, HK
Trans World International
Viceroy of India, HK
Wave MusicWorks, HK
Wembley International HK
Williamsport Inc
Yellow Frog Productions


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