Starlit Voice

I started working with Starlit Voice as a sound and light specialist September 2015.

Creative Director Vince Warren contacted me to see if I could work with his classes and provide instruction around theatrical entertainment technology – Sound & Light specifically.
Great stuff – sure thing…

My first task with them was to simply present a 90 minute overview of theatre sound and light.- done 🙂

Sept’ 2015 – Dec’ 2015
My next task with them was to work with the Starlit Voice – Drama School students on the technical design, set up and operation through a production of a play “NORMAL”
Here’s some reflective blog posts on the NORMAL production process:

We did very well and the kids learnt loads.

January 2016
Working again with the Drama School. I will be supporting a 9 week course that will see this term’s students make a video.
Another great opportunity to play with the toys and help the kids learn too.