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Over the years I have worked within two industries, Entertainment and Education. I’ve seen the increasing presence of technological option in both industries catalyse much communication around where do we go from here. I placed the image above as it’s reflects that we choose where we go. We are in control – that is a marvellous thing.

Creativity, Collaboration, Innovation, Resiliency (buzz wordy I know but…): the new highly sought after character traits align almost by default to those working well in both Entertainment and Education.

Absolutely – I find the idea of that, exciting and optimistic.

As a worker, I believe that if our “work” time can be:
  • progressive ~ in that we experience positive result from time spent
  • connected ~ to our interests, identified aims and goals
  • reflective ~ that there is a focus on process, product and quality
  • appliable ~ there is an empathy towards why energy is being spent
  • time conscious ~ indicating that suitable time be allocated to minimise stress and maximise development
That all of this is conducted in a respectful, honest manner…  great things might happen.
I believe in offering, and accepting responsibility when possible and expect that every effort be made towards achieving maximum quality. Always.
I stand by ideals that quality systems and plans lead to quality outcomes.
I have always insisted on working with high quality systems and strongly believe that when the highest quality is applied to whatever it is we’re doing, resulting growth will reflect and maintain such standards.
I recognise the need for effective communication if collaborative production is to be rewarding and progressive. 

We make the choices., I look forward to working with you.
Dean Lea


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