HAMELIN – Starlit Production

Two production within 2 weeks of each other. One with HKIS and one with Starlit.
Each student devised, each very strong focus – almost political with their messages. Maybe a sign of the times and recent world manoeuvres.  A good thing is that productions are a great avenue for expressing oneself, and that’s got to be a plus regardless…screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-3-42-51-pm
Written by Starlit’s Artist and Senior Company Director, Vince Warren and brought to life via the creative minds and actions of the “Drama School HK” students. Hamelin dashed in and out of West Island School’s auditorium running to a very tight production schedule
A brilliantly creative set constructed of 200 plus cardboard boxes, img_5519,
A delicate and time consumingly preprepared 27 item QLab audio file.
A fast lighting set up, rapid stage management clarification, essential action blocking  and, oh yeah, full run throughs…

There was an amazing transformation in all of the areas within the production between the rushed and sort of un-prepared first show and second show. The ability for crew and cast to pull things out of the hat at the last minute always seems to impress ,e. It did so again. Not saying it didn’t;t cause a few extra frown lies, but hey…
Lessons learnt too : and that’s the point.

Reflection holding the power it does… and through technical lenses.
I’ve a few some thoughts ~

  • A disinterested, like-it-the-way-it-is kinda chap, theatre technician misses so many opportunities – for all involved.
  • An initial late night scramble : the set looked great and the audio sequences sat in order.
    Kinda ready ?
  • The technical design, set up and operation were a little on the tight side for comfort… say no more 🙂
  • Spending more time on the sound and light details with the students and control crew is crucial to a smooth running of the show.
    A focus for the future.
  • Using cardboard boxes as the set is a great idea. The flexibility, adaptability, portability and recycle-ability makes the option a good idea. Off course not something to climb on – too much.
  • I love the collaborative nature of these things.


Audio equipment included: Qlab, WIS Venue PA, Shure wireless Hand held mic, Sennheiser wireless face mic

Lighting equipment included: SANDS Hog 500 console, 4 moving head lights, 16 LED , 16 Profile, 6 lighting bars.
Until the next time…


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