HKIS MS- 1st World Problems Production

Devised by Drama teacher John Mulhall and grade 7 & 8 drama students, an original production “First : World Problems” performed in the HKIS Middle School Black Box Theatre 9 ~ 12 November, 2016.
Starbucks, Social Media… scene titles provide a glimpse into teacher / student devised production that audience members referred to as – “brilliant”,

Once again I focused the Middle School’s Tech~Know~Wise crew towards designing, setting up, operating and de-riging the production’s  sound, light, projection, video and  communication systems. This process is a major time commitment from the thirteen students, expecting their presence from 3:15 – 5:10, daily for four weeks.
Once again they  ran the show well.

I know things have gone well on the technical side when I become redundant through the running of the show… well almost.

With a minimal set installed,  projection,  light and sound needed to frame and extend the on stage action.  Considering the complexity of the set ups and the show requirements, we expected a lot from the student group.
They met expectation.
Student’s controlled multiple projector units running Figure 23’s great show control program QLAB.
Projection Mapping : The ability to generate and place media sources into multiple “surfaces” per projector sets the options alive ~ BRILLIANT.
Amazing creative potential attached to that tool – love it.

48 channels of lighting manipulated through ETC Element console.
I must add that our design required a complex rewiring set up across the 6 lighting bars.
Watched like hawks, with safety being paramount at all time : students rigged the lot.3
Audio, a simple task this time with music playback the requirement. Again student controlled, via the great show control free app QLAB.
My favourite section being a mixture of videos, from three different sources, coupling with sound atmosphere to present the sea with highlighted narrative vocal telling a tale.
All in, a great production and a memorable learning experience for all involved.
And we managed to de-rig the entire thing within a day … amazing.


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