Baguio Villa to Alhambra

I have record of our first visit to Alhambra being Sun 12th June. Talulah, Kathy & I got off the sampan, sat in the car, closed the doors, looked at each and said “Let’s do it”.
Let’s buy Alhambra, move out of Baguio Villa and live on it.  baguio 2
The fantastic view will be missed.

I called Anthony, our Saffron Marina broker (who has been great every step of the way : “mercy beaucoup”) saying “we want to get that boat”…

A lot of agh, yeah, eeekkkk, wow wee…. and 10 weeks later : the 20th of August. We moved onto our new home “Alhambra”.Alhambra location

Over the past 23 years in Hong Kong, we’ve moved a few times (to say the least), experiencing the many zones of HK. Every time we’ve moved, we’ve used the same removal company, “Trade Winds”. Calmly helmed by captain Stephen Dressler and crewed by what must be HK’s fittest. We appreciate their help – HEAPS

Now, let’s talk about the move itself.

Wow wee. as captain Steve phrased “Hurcu-LEA-an effort”boxes 1
Up at 9, wide eyed and kinda wanting to go out… the movers turned up just before 11. Armed with more boxes, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, cardboard, tape, glacial caverns of energy and positive vibe. They got to work. baguio 1
Put all of the things into boxes, onto trucks, into sampans and then onto Alhambra. Sounds easy, right?   NOT

It turned out that the “few things” [large furnishings) that were not to be moved to the boat filled another truck, three days later.

I must say there were times when I wondered if we’ve become a family of hoarders.

A mid day meeting on board with the electrician helped lower concerns over power ratings, fuses and the unchartered world of “shore power”. shore power
The boat’s previous tenant, a private jet pilot, his wife (on holiday with baby) drew minimal power. We know we will bring new challenges to the shore power.Arrival.jpg
The 160 boxes were finally loaded into two trucks, the empty apartment swept and we were bound for the Apleichau Prior Rd Pier. The Sun Hing Shing Shipyard part-owner / boat seller Eric and mate were there to Book the sampan, support / watch the spectacle. Interestingly, they left early.Arrival4
Say no more.
The first sampan loaded with 40+ boxes, swayed its way to the boat. Kathy and the kids were onboard to receive the goodies. Arrival3.jpgI was on the sampan with the Hurcu-LEA-an crew. It’s amazing to watch the effort: endlessly moving forty boxes from sampan to a Alhambra.
They’ve done it before, that’s what they do and they’re good at it.Arrival2
Just as the boat left to get the second load, the shore power’s main fuse tripped, throwing our future home into darkness. Wow wee… bad language and thoughts of bad choices bubbled to the surface. Ferried by one of the many sampans to the nearby dark pier surrounded by angry barking dogs, I ventured, completely freaked out, to flick the trip switch. Luckily, someone showed me where it was earlier.

Over the next few hours the fuse tripped a disturbing 3 times.

We settled into why and what was needed to stabilise the shore power and continued with the ferrying of truck loads of stuff to the boat.
The “Trade Winds” crew parted the boat, with all items on board at midnight. Literally singing and whistling on their way home. Speak of resilience and positive spirit. The “Trade Winds” crew are totally impressive.

We are totally grateful.

With Alhambra full of boxes, that were amazingly digested into approximate destinations within the boat. Though very aware of our new world of noises, movement and light, we slept well.IMG_4857

We now live on Alhambra 🙂Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 3.25.44 PM


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  1. Jane chaplain says:

    Wowee, so exciting! Can we come for a peek when we are in HK next April?? Jane x

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