The all important Survey

Everything hinges around the results of the… [cue music & lights]  SURVEY.
The seller probably wants it… (possibly not really :))
The Finance Company want it.
The Insurance company want it.
I want it.

There’s a list of Marine Surveyors. The Finance company provided a list of three accepted people. Inline with experienced opinions / suggestions, we went with N.J.Robinson Co LtdPleasure Craft Services

There’s three overarching sections to the survey:
* An out of the water inspection.
* A Sea Trial.
* An on Mooring inspection.
Naturally each section is saturated with detail. I won’t go into that.IMG_7075
We wanted to see Alhambra out of the water and join the sea trial. We did both.

Not quite sure the right words to describe the feeling as the boat cruised out of the Aberdeen harbour under the captainship of Sun Hing Shing Master.
Excited pride comes to mind. Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 6.52.07 PM
Seeing Kathy, D’Artagnan & Tallulah onboard too : excited, apprehensive, thrilled, proud, concerned… all at the same time. Wow wee.

The best thing is the reality that it will be an adventure regardless.IMG_7190
The survey completed (and all OK), the report presented and shared with those who need it.
We move forward…


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