Closer by the day

We move ever closer to our next adventure.

I must say I’m kinda surprised that a good few of the required process components have made me feel like a grown up, again!!!
I’ve felt that way before: the last time being when my wife and I purchased a dinning table with 6 chairs…

This manoeuvre is requiring: finance, support, insurance, determination, scheduling, vision, effective communication, a brave face, technical wisdom and many people.

Ha, nearly forgot: patience, a load of deep breaths, wine and what’s app:)

And it’s causing: excitement, fear, optimism, sleepless nights, hope, a shed load of documentation, wisdom, thankfulness, new knowledge and a whole lot of love. The nearing adventure ignites so much.
Makes ya feel alive.

Untitled-1We’ve just witnessed Hong Kong’s recent Typhoon Nida from a long lived-in 21st floor flat (on top of a hill and multi-storey carpark – hugely above sea level…). Facing SWW the sound was quite the thing 🙂 something to be said for window sealant strips…

There’s a resulting curiosity around what that will like at sea level. Hmm…
We went on a post typhoon walk around the Aberdeen Typhoon shelter area the morning after Nita.
Peaceful and calm cones to mind. alhambraasideslice

Anyho, onwards… the required finance has been settled, vessel survey dates set, insurance coverage initiated, movers booked, flat rental ceased (big smile with that one ), utilities sorted, stuff sold, discussions had.

We are currently finalising the transfer of ownership  details.

Within the month…


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