A big move

I’ve lived in Hong Kong since 1974. Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 12.20.54 PM.png
Post school there have been extended periods of time away from HK.
The latest stretch, starting 1993, has included the most beautiful achievements and memories, highlighting with my marriage and the birth of my 2 lovely kids. There’s loads more, but this is not the time.
Living all over HK : Repulse Bay, Sheung Shui, Mid Levels, Wan Chai and for the past 13 years, Pokfulam. We feel lucky.
Overall renting for 23 years. I am sure the landlords are thankful?

Actually, maybe not, I reckon’s quite a lot of landlords believe they deserve it our massive rental charges.
Not complaning? , just commenting…

Anyho, onwards…

We’re changing our situation. Stopping paying rent and planning to purchase a liveaboard boat and move onto that. We have wanted to buy In HK for decades but always found it that little bit out of reach.
We’re about to do it.
More to follow…


One Comment Add yours

  1. myronbuck says:

    Not a bad idea. If you only knew how badly our BWB landlord ripped us off when we left. Not only is HK the highest-priced rental market in the world, the laws are all on the side of the owner and they use them to their benefit…legally or illegally.

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