A bit of woodwork

I’ve started a small woodwork project. The plan is to create a few wooden breadboards. Below’s an image showing the essential things to do the job. Note the safety googles and crucial headphones ~ much needed to control the listening. Naturally at the center of all of it it the cup of Tea 🙂

No surprise that this project process will be made a load easiest thanks to the recent acquisition of two new power tools : Makita Angle Grinder and Makita Orbital Sander.

Note the four Angle Grinder discs that I’ve recently purchased from Wood Carvers Supply Inc. A 4 inch Lancelot Disc.  A 4 inch Ex Course Donut Wheel. A 4 inch Medium Donut Wheel. A 4 inch fine Donut Wheel. The discs are absolutely vicious and must be treated with respect and caution. As globally known educational speaker Stephen Heppell would say “Don’t be afraid, be very afraid”. Money well spent – phew.

I will be getting hold of some mineral oil to treat the board. Then it’s ready for use.


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