Help me to help others

I’m going to shave my head to stand in solidarity with those who suffer hair loss as a result of cancer treatment.
Please help me raise funds to help Childhood Cancer research.

The St Baldrick Foundation help raise funds for Childhood Cancer research.

As a registered member, (My Page) I will be shaved bald and raise funds prior to doing so.
I truly believe I do not need to explain why.

Here’s my “Shavee” page:

I would like to ask you for your financial support towards my fund raising.
I have set a goal to raise  $1,000 USD.

You can donate to the fund through me (Dean Lea) at this donation URL

My “Shavee” number : 764287
My “Shavee” name : Dean Lea
Event site : Hong Kong International School
Event date : March 24, 2015

Please note I do not receive any of this money – this is all for Childhood Cancer Research. Helping those truly in need of support.

Please, please, please help me to help those in need.


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