Care required with using technology

Technology banner2
Increasingly larger groups within societies are becoming ever greater users of technology. I work to advocate, encourage and educate such. I enjoy the challenge. 🙂
However, I know we are mistakingly a little thoughtless on the affect our usage patterns might be having on our physical state. For a healthy and progressive path forward, it’s really important that we recognise any potentially negative impacts technology usage habits or associated posture may have on us and do something to improve, or at least address this. Through personal awareness and proactive behaviours we can still do brilliant things with the support of technology but in a health conscious manner. Amusing as it is, the below image shows an evolution timeline, since upright through, agricultural, industrial to now.. technological.
Odd we seem to be moving backwards. Untitled-5I would like to point out that the above image was introduced  to me by my Spine surgeon: Dr Raymond Yip (earlier posts refer to this). From his reality driven perspective we are simply not looking after ourselves. Our Technology usage patterns are frequently stressing our body and creating potential health issues. I recognise that I am sensitive to the topic of back pain having had a potentially life altering condition but the information displayed below is beneficial to all. The following image illustrates pressure on the spinal discs. Our common technology usage position is causing unwelcome pressure on our spines. disc pressure Again common discomfort / concerns around technology usage positions. usageRegardless of what we already know about technology use, ergonamics and the associated negative impacts on our health. We seldomly respond to it.
Below’s an image that presents a better way to work.
Image origin:  usage 2 The ball is in our court.


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