RA Control continues – day 4

As I move forward towards retaking control over my health. I post about this at day 4 of trying to control over food intake, with a view to controlling my intake PH.
I’ve found loads of great sites that refer to alkaline / acidic foods and the categorising that is commonly placed against them.
So far this has altered what goes into the trolley at the supermarket and the bags at the market. The list is huge and not really surprisingly a load of what had previously been chosen is in the wrong category.

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 3.47.36 pmImage’s from here : http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-5165/Alkaline-Acidic-Foods-Chart-The-pH-Spectrum.html

So time for change…

So far eating the alkaline items has been tricky as we’ve had family visiting here for the past 15 days. The outings have frequently seen the wrong types of intake.
I have read a lot that one needs to be realistic when trying to do this sort of thing.
To think that from now on it’s all Alkaline products and that’s that , is a tad foolish and very likely to become a reason for giving up.
The 80 / 20 rule seems to be one to keep in mind.
Also the idea that even a great healthy start to a day will help.
A little is better than none.

So far the joint ache / stiffness / pain (not a lot) from RA hasn’t been noticeably different. I shall keep at it and see what happens.
I have been going to the gym a lot too, so things should be looking up.


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